Our Story

Carolina Ramírez was born in the city of Medellín on December 15th of 1986. She studied at Gimnasio Los Pinares and graduated in the year of 2004. There was no question on where her focus would be as she possessed a love and passion for fashion from a very early age. She had a love for swimwear and was excited to create her own designs and techniques that would soon set her apart from other brands. She started mixing several manual processes with unconventional materials which gave her pieces a unique touch that quickly became in high demand and acquired a loyal following and they couldn’t get enough.

From humble beginnings, she started her business in her own home, once she realised this was bigger than just her family and friends, Mar de Rosas was born.

Mar de Rosas as a company is committed to making a difference in the community, by employing women heads of households, giving them a chance to provide for their families and by working with indigenous communities from El Putumayo, which is in the south of Colombia.

Carolina knew her goal was to focus on the international market. Sharing garments that embraced and celebrated the female form and embodied the heart and soul of life in Colombia. 

To date Carolina has had the joy of sharing her loved garments in countries such as: USA, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Honduras, Peru, Chile, France, The Netherlands, Sweden, Greece and now Australia!